What you need to know about MBUX.

February 25 2019, Silver Star Montreal

What you need to know about MBUX.

You may have heard of the Mercedes-Benz MBUX system. If you have not, this article can help you understand everything you need to understand about the latest advanced Mercedes-Benz technology.

Offered, to begin, in the next Mercedes-Benz A-Class, MBUX will eventually be offered in all new Mercedes-Benz vehicles including super-luxury models like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class.

Here are three elements about MBUX worth knowing, let's take a closer look.

With MBUX, it is possible to communicate with the car as if we were talking to our passenger. We access the system by using the voice command "Hey, Mercedes". Subsequently, this feature allows us to change the car's settings by using commands like "it’s hot inside" which will then adjust the air conditioning.

MBUX - interior of model

In other words, it’s possible to talk normally with our Mercedes-Benz to adjust different air conditioning or radio functions. In doing so, our experience on board is greatly simplified and much more enjoyable.

The system can also be used to answer questions. For example, if you want to know who won the night's hockey game, you can ask MBUX. Much more than an infotainment system, it almost acts as your personal assistant.

Finally, MBUX includes artificial intelligence components that customize the system to your preferences. For example, if MBUX detects that you often call a particular contact, the system will make this contact easier to access. In other words, the technology adapts to your needs and preferences.

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